Akshi and Mario || A Cross-Cultural Wedding!!

Akshi and Mario || A Cross-Cultural Wedding!!


Akshi and Mario || A Cross-Cultural Wedding!!

  • BY Sudhir kumar
  • Jun 16, 2022
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We at the Vintage Films, being in this industry, have shot a lot of weddings. But we can surely say Akshi and Mario’s wedding was one of a kind. We say that because the wedding broke all the Indian traditional wedding stereotypes.
Akshi and Mario wanted to flaunt their love all over the social media and for that, they desired a pleasing pre wedding shoot. So we took some beautiful Pre Wedding Photos of the couple near the pool. And after which came the wedding day.
Even after having different cultural backgrounds both the Bride’s and Groom’s families mingled well with each other. It was a gorgeous wedding. Couple’s families planned some fun activities for the event. The bride and the groom play the wedding shoe game. And there were some differences of opinion.
With all that the couple also wished for some moody black and white photos of them, and the photos we took came out to be amazing. The couple wanted us to focus on their family and friends, As the couple didn’t just want their’s but the whole family’s special moments in the wedding album. The wedding happened with all the Indian rituals and traditions and the Groom’s family participated in them with the same enthusiasm as the bride’s.
We here at Vintage Films wish Akshi and Mario that may their joining together bring them more joy then they can ever imagine.

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