From Coast to Heart: Shreya & Rohan’s Love Story in Kerala

From Coast to Heart: Shreya & Rohan’s Love Story in Kerala


From Coast to Heart: Shreya & Rohan’s Love Story in Kerala

  • BY Shamli Shamli
  • Mar 14, 2024
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In the beautiful land of Kerala, where the ocean meets the sky and palm trees sway to nature’s rhythm, Shreya and Rohan embarked on a love-filled journey that would stay in their hearts forever. We were lucky to capture the magic of their wedding, a blend of tradition and joy against nature’s stunning backdrop.

The festivities kicked off with a warm “Welcome” ceremony, where hugs were plentiful, laughter filled the air, and excitement buzzed all around. Picture this: Shreya’s mom, the ultimate multitasker, making sure everything’s perfect while getting teary-eyed at every sweet moment.

Next was the “Above Sea Level” event, a beach party under the sunny sky. Guests mixed, danced, and enjoyed the sea breeze. It felt like a scene from a perfect beach day, with everyone having a blast by the shore. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, friends and family danced and revealed, forging new connections and cherishing old ones amidst the golden glow of twilight.

Next up was the “Tirmai Phool” Haldi ceremony, a riot of colours and giggles as turmeric flew everywhere. Blessings flowed freely as the couple got smothered in turmeric paste, ensuring a future filled with happiness and prosperity.

Amidst all the chaos, Shreya’s mom stole the show with her emotional rollercoaster.  Her emotional outpourings touched everyone present, evoking both tears and laughter. There were moments when her eyes glistened with tears of joy as she witnessed her daughter’s happiness, and moments when her hearty laughter echoed through the venue, infecting everyone with joy.

The fun continued into the evening with the “Ring in the Shire” engagement ceremony, where Shreya and Rohan exchanged rings amidst cheers and applause. Their love outshone even the setting sun, promising a lifetime of love and laughter.

The following morning, the village came alive with the “Kitschy Desi” celebration, reminiscent of old-world charm and rustic vibes. With traditional music filling the air and Guests danced like nobody’s watching, creating memories to cherish forever.

As the sun began its descent, the atmosphere came alive with the “Sasural Genda Phool” sun-down wedding, a breathtaking spectacle where love blossomed amidst the golden hues of twilight. Against the backdrop of the shimmering sea, Shreya and Rohan exchanged vows, their promises illuminated by the soft glow of diyas, while the gentle rustle of waves provided the perfect serenade to their union.

Amidst the laughter and tears, dance and music, Shreya and Rohan’s wedding saga unfolded like a fairytale, weaving together moments of joy, tradition, and heartfelt emotion. As photographers, we were privileged to witness the beauty of their love story unfold, capturing every precious moment with our lenses.

As the celebrations wrapped up, the memories of Shreya and Rohan’s Kerala wedding lingered, a reminder of love’s enduring magic. Here’s to the happy couple – may your love story be as enchanting as Kerala’s shores, forever bathed in love’s warm glow. Cheers to Shreya and Rohan – may your love bloom brighter with each passing day!

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