Aseem and Kalika || A Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

Aseem and Kalika || A Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot


Aseem and Kalika || A Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

  • BY abdul
  • May 24, 2022
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When it comes to pre wedding photoshoots, there are tons of ideas out there that a couple can choose from. But at times, it can become hard as choosing the right idea takes a lot of effort. But Aseem and Kalika didn’t think twice when it came to choosing theirs. And it looks like they made just the right decision. Since Pre Wedding Photoshoots are about having a concept, their pictures are beautiful proof of that.
Their pre wedding photoshoot required the Best Wedding Photographer. So, we tried everything we could to deliver more than what was expected of us. Aseem and Kalika were genuinely very fun and cooperative couple when it came to experimenting and trying different poses. Usually, a pre wedding photographer’s job is to pick and theme, start the shoot, click a limited number of pictures and wrap up the shoot. But in this case, we tried to get more involved in the photoshoot. Because the key to doing best pre wedding photography is making the couple comfortable in front of the camera. So, is the job of a Candid Wedding Photographer to make the couple comfortable so that they can capture the most candid moments.

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